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It is an ancient custom in our faith to veil sacred images in the final two weeks of Lent.  The idea is that, like so many other symbols of the faith, the visible instruments that remind us of who we are are little by little taken away from us as we approach Good Friday.  This carries over ultimately to a situation wherein one enters a Catholic church on Holy Saturday in total darkness and total silence.  The altar is stripped, the tabernacle is empty and wide open, the organ has been silenced, the holy water drained.  Indeed, the imagery is one of death.  All is gloriously restored in the Great Easter Vigil begun by the lighting of the Paschal candle, symbolizing the light of Christ.

For your pleasure, I have included several pictures of how my wife handled this task around our house.  Again, I think it’s so important for Catholic parents to try to instill a deep-seated love of the faith in our children from an early age.  Give them something to wonder about.  Wait for them to come to you and ask “Mommy?  Why is the crucifix covered in that purple cloth?”  “Daddy, why are we so quiet today?  Is it because of Great Friday?”  That’s what my son calls Good Friday.  Let us keep praying for one another.  I believe that through our blogs, Catholic moms and dads, we’re strengthening each other and helping to raise better, more Catholic kids.

God be praised!