This post is from last year, but it’s obviously appropriate for today (and for our new devil may care, all things Catholic approach). Enjoy!

Life at Le. Rheims

So it’s Tuesday, and today I’ve decided to write an actual how-to post.  It’s nothing fancy, but it sure is sparkly.  Here goes.

Ash Wednesday is tomorrow.  Like, for reals, players.  It’s tomorrow.  As in “tomorning”, as Monkey would say.  This Lent, we’ve (read: I’ve) decided that the Stations of the Cross need to be done by the family on at least a weekly basis.  Now, our parish does offer Stations, ever so generously, once a week, right smack dab in the middle of the day.  We don’t generally get to noon Mass as a family, so noon-thirty Stations probably won’t happen either.  This is a problem if you want your kids to learn the Stations of the Cross.  Here’s my solution.

There are tons, literally a zillion different versions of home based Stations out there.  Just take a look at Pinterest.  I seriously like several of them, but…

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