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So where do we go from here?

Closest I ever got...  BXVI on Fifth Avenue in New York

Closest I ever got… BXVI on Fifth Avenue in New York

This morning I woke up completely unaided by my alarm.  To those who know me, this is highly unusual.  5AM and I sat upright, overcome by a sense that I needed to get out of bed.  I thought of lying back down and returning to my slumber.  I had, after all, another thirty minutes before I had to be up and moving about in order to make it to the 6:30 mass at the local Cistercian Abbey.  But something, a gut feeling, maybe the Spirit, kept calling to me.  “Get out of bed and turn on the TV.”  To ask my wife, any voice beckoning me to turn on a television could not come from God.  But I got up nonetheless and went to the living room.  I sat down to check the weather on the local news and was greeted by the stunning news of our holy father’s renunciation of his office.

And like that I started thinking of what I had blogged on this page just six short hours earlier.  I wrote that this blog was transforming from one wherein I posted daily vignettes about the lives of the saints to more of a clearinghouse for all things Catholic.  I still haven’t figured out exactly where I’m going with this page.  I trust that with the help of my sister and, hopefully, other great Catholic (and even non-Catholic posters) we can make this the thing I have in my mind though I cannot articulate it clearly just yet.

As I learned more of the shocking news of Benedict’s resignation I thought of so many things.  First I thought it was a joke.  Then I realized that it wasn’t and I started thinking about how I named my only son, my firstborn after the pontiff.  What would I tell him?  How would he respond when I delivered the news that Pope Benedict would not be pope anymore?  I got to work and it became clear that, as a Catholic theology teacher, my lesson had already been re-written for me!  A young woman who will be shadowing me as part of her student-teaching arrived a few hours into the day and I told her “You chose the most interesting day in 600 years to jump into to teaching theology!”

Where am I going?  Where are we going?  These are interesting times for all of us in the Catholic world.  I’d like your help in shaping the face of this new endeavor.  Send me your thoughts and comments and keep praying for His Holiness.  And if you know any Catholic bloggers who might like to contribute, let me know.