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March 20th
St. Wulfran

No picture exists of Wulfran so I post this picture of a wolf.

It’s still Lent (no matter when Ash Wednesday falls, March 20th will ALWAYS be Lent) so we get to revel in the life of some of the lesser known saints for a few days.  Today our victim, uh, saint is a lovely old man named Wulfran.  Yes, Wulfran.

His father was an officer in the army of King Dagobert.  And the hits just keep on comin’…  After reading the brief write-up about him in Hoever’s little book I still can’t even figure out exactly what country he’s associated with; although I believe it’s modern Germany.  Anyway, in the year 682 he became archbishop of Sens.  I promise I’m not making these names up.  However, after a brief 2 and a half years he quit.  Why?  Well, he couldn’t take the hypocrisy anymore.  No, I’m not talking about clerical hypocrisy or even the hypocrisy of some Christians in living a contrary life to the faith.  What Wulfran objected to was the hypocrisy he felt in living as a bishop among the “idolotrous Frisians” while the brave English martyrs were giving such witness to the faith.

And so, he quit.  He stopped leading Christians in order to lead them, if that makes sense.  He spent a short bit of time in a monastery to recharge and then went among the people and even converted some of the idoloters.  Then he returned to the monastery to die.  Seriously.

I did find this picture of a quaint country church named in Wulfran's honor.