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St. William of Bourges

I give you... a tiny church!

Even though he’s not on the calendar (today is simply Tuesday of the First Week of Ordinary Time) the Revised Roman Martyrology (a book containing a saint for each day of the year) lists this as his day.

Although a wealth of information exists about him; there is little that might interest a reader today.  He lived during the twelfth century in modern France.  He was a cleric, an abbot, and an archbishop (accepting this last post only at the pope’s command).  He was devoted to the Blessed Sacrament and died kneeling in prayer before the altar in 1209.  He was canonized by Pope Honorius II in 1217.  Clearly, he was recognized as a saint even in his day since his canonization occurred so rapidly.

On the lighter side of things, what might interest modern readers is that nifty picture of him shown above.  This morning, yours truly was able to use it to start a new trending topic on Twitter — #imholdinga — in which the tweeter posts the tag and then a picture of someone holding something.  In his case, it appears to be the Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good.