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Just wanted to go over some scheduling issues…

To the best of my ability I will be posting about the all the biggies…  For instance, having been around the Catholic Church for a while, I have come up with a list of the five saints whom I consider probably have the biggest devotional following around the world.  They are (in no particular order):

  • St. Francis of Assisi
  • St. Anthony of Padua
  • St. Catherine of Sienna
  • Bl. Teresa of Calcutta
  • St. Therese of the Child Jesus (the Little Flower)

Bakhita, the patroness of Darfur

Now I know I’m going to get angry comments like “Where’s St. Cajetan!?” and “How dare you slight St. Bakhita!?”  Actually, comments such as these would require a readership I’m just not sure I have at the present time.  But rest assured, I won’t let too much time go by without mentioning someone on the calendar.  And if a day is simply “ordinary” and has no memorial or feast ascribed to it, I’ll find someone.  If you have suggestions for saints I could discuss, let me know.

By the way, Cajetan and Bakhita are both very real saints and are both two of my favorites.



Oh, and as for the title of this post, it’s by way of mentioning that I will be following the current calendar and not that of the 1962 Missal (the extraordinary form or “Tridentine” calendar).  So if you’re looking for St. Benedict in February, try waiting until July.  Sorry.  In that particular calendar we would have just wrapped up a time known as the Octave of Christmas and be heading full-speed toward Epiphany.  On the current deck the year starts thus:

  • Jan. 1: Mary, Mother of God
  • Jan. 2: Basil and Gregory
  • Jan. 3: Most Holy Name of Jesus

Even if they’re backdated and pop up after you’ve already read about Elizabeth Seton on the 4th, I will get to them.